Tuesday, April 12, 2011

so busy

So busy this past week Busy in family, work and of course band and other activities of Our Collective
yeah speaking of new Co-arse was rehearsing 3 straight weeks and good thing we have a couple of new songs hopefully in our planned full length release this year more angst and trashy parts in our new songs..
Also Disabuse we are preparing for our 17th anniversary celebration that will happen late september or Early october it depends on our availability.. But 1 thing for sure it will happen in a Basketball Court and we will have an alcoholocaust, drunk night... 

By the way the pic. above was taken in our gig in Laguna and thanx to Fritz Benjamin for the pix...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lazy week

It's been a lazy week work home work home everyday hehehe but This weekend or i might say tomorrow night if you have nothing to do Go to The Merge Gig @ San Pedro Laguna Lots of good band playing tomorrow A.D.A., Grind Matador, Take Down, D.M.E. and others. also Disabuse will play tomorrow.

After the Gig Disabuse will be doing new songs and next month we will record new stuffs for our upcoming full length Release: "17 years of Abusing your ears" so watch out for that.

Monday, March 7, 2011

makes my weekend complete

Got a new car yesterday but it's punk a 2nd hand car and the best thing is i got it cheap.
The car is already set-up with sounds and the interior is new and of course the maching and the working condition is good as new i got this shit somewhere in Las PiƱas 
last Saturday Disabuse make noise in Bulacan thanks to pong yeah sick gig see you this Saturday @ Headstock bar.... 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekend trip and Food Trip

Scramble flavored Blueberry and Strawberry

Veggie Sweet and Sour (Quan yin chai restaurant)

Veggie BBQ (Quan yin Chai Restaurant)

Happy veggie

This Past weekend me and my wife plan to have food tripping around manila so we decided to taste the Scramble in some food cart and actually taste good.
Also we went to Quan yin Chai in Binondo to have some Veggie food (even though we are not a Veggie). 

Disabuse and Co-arse will play this show @ Headstock Bar this coming march 12, 2010 

also MArch 5 Disabuse will play in Outlook bar in Bulihan Malolos with our Brother band D.M.E. and Take Down.
it's our first out of town gig in 2011 so Bulacan Beware.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My New shoes Airwalk Vic Velcro

My new Airwalk Vic Velcro
yeah im craving for this one this past month
and finally i have it hahaha..
Tomorrow Disabuse Practice

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valenthrash' Gods of Metal was a blast




Great Show last night @ Headstock bar Q.c. meet some metal friends there 
drinking and drinking and drinking Co-arse first gig of 2011 after 5 mos. of bumming 
and the good thing is we have a kick set even though we did not rehearse for 5 mos hahaha
also lots of Good Trash metal Bands Play.

Resurrected make the crowd mosh and of course good to see them play with their new guitarist and a good friend Josua Venido, And of course last Band played was my favorite mid 80's band Deceased they play Motorhead cover songs and Misfits.
solid set by one of my influenced Rey decay's Deceased. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Nice Gig and Venue last Night

nice gig last night awesome Venue and Awesome bands great to see bands
such as Dear Dingo, Double Barrel, Destroy My Enemy, S.O.N.A., Take Down and others
Later CO-ARSE will Play in Gods Of Metal "Valenthrash" @ Headstock Bar In Araneta Ave. so if you're free tonight see you at the Pit!!!

For Gig Pix Check the Facebook Account of Disabuse

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Disabuse new line up and banner 2011 more hardcore punk
this Banner was created by me hahahaha

Busy week and Show on Friday

Disabuse will play on friday at Fuel Up bar great hardcore / punk show there 
also we will be playing some Cover songs there from Minor Threat , Discharge and the new one from Suicidal Tendencies

This one is my new Cap thanx to my brother for buying it
quite expensive hahah imagine 40 bux for a cap only but it doesn't matter it's my favorite N.B.A. team hahaha

I'm so busy this past week work, family and etc. 
good thing we have some new stuffs from Disabuse couple of new songs.
So watch out for our full Length this year and also our anniversary gig this year...